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1. What brought you to Intellia? What keeps you here?

At the time, I wasn’t looking for a job but a career path where I would be challenged, join a team that valued collaboration and work with an organization that values its people as much as their clients. Intellia gave me the opportunity to help build company culture, from the ground up with special thanks to our directors. Intellia has developed a company culture where every person plays an integral part in delivering value to our clients. My goal is to help establish Intellia into an organization that celebrates feedback, accepts the only constant as change and incorporates mindfulness in executing decisions and actions to succeed. 

2. What did you learn in your first year on the job?


Keep an open mind. If you think it doesn’t does. You have to push yourself to know how to look, where to look and who to talk to. 

3. What do you like most about your job?

The people in our organization make it an awesome place to work. The team consistently strives to collaborate on a mutually beneficial basis. When a project succeeds, we all succeed professionally and personally. Working in management consulting affords us the ability to work on a ‘buffet’ of topics. One day it’s food and beverage and the next day we’re helping to build resilient communities through economic development. 

4. How do you find the balance you need at the firm?

I believe in growing trust and relationships, building an ecosystem where everyone owns the concept of ‘pay it forward’. This demonstrates to myself and the team, the power of the collective when working on complex and short timeframe projects. 

5. Tell us about your most memorable project.

There are so many to choose from, however, I have to go with the carbon markets project. It was exciting for several reasons. Although I am passionate about climate change, the concept behind carbon policy instruments and carbon finance was a new subject to me. This project pushed me to de-construct and bridge the gap between conceptual and practical understanding of carbon pricing mechanisms and how they are used by public and private sectors to reduce CO2 emissions. Consulting projects with global impacts give me a deep sense of accomplishment and gratitude. 

6.  What has been the best training program?

Working in consulting, there is never a dull day. Of course, we have training sessions that allow our team to be effective, efficient and dynamic in their work. However, the best training has been learning on the job. Learning in real time eats theory for lunch and prepares us to be agile and embrace a learner mindset. 

7. What characteristics do you believe define an INTELLIAan?


Flexibility, adaptability, go-getter mindset, analytical, authentic, active listener and high level of emotional intelligence .

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